Blurred Justice – Review

Blurred Justice is both directed and written by the theatre and arts company ‘Performing Change’ – this immediately caught my eye, as one of my favourite things to perform is documentary/educational theatre. Upon arrival, I was given a programme that gave me a little bit of insight into the situation in Yemen, which was completely relevant as it helped you empathise more with the character who was up for trial.  The main character Sharif is a member of the Yemeni Houthi militia and is pleading not guilty against an accusation of him being involved in an act of terrorism. The play flashes back to Sharif’s youth, and explains what it is like to grow up within a civil war, and how he has ended up in his situation.

I was aware prior to the performance, that there would be some audience participation and I felt this was very effective. The audience played the role of the jury, therefore we decided the fate of the character Sharif. The humour used within the court room scenes put the audience at ease, especially as the judge was quite a comedic part. I think the script does a good job in demonstrating the serious plot of the play through humour and successfully educates its target audience at the same time. I suggest the company tours this show around schools and colleges, as it encourages people to think twice about what brings people to be in the circumstances they are in.

I enjoyed the simplicity of the set, and the scene changes ran smoothly between the split stage. The actor, Dhvel Patel who played Sharif gave a moving monologue that made me side with him when giving my verdict as a jury member. The script was written in an informative way and this is why I believe Blurred Justice was the winner of Amnesty International UK’s 2016 Marsh Awards.

A huge congratulations to the team at Performing Change

Blurred Justice is on at Rose Theatre Kingston

8th of March – 7.45 pm
9th of March – 8.00 pm

A big thank you to Theatre Bloggers for sending me to this event!


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